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Sacramento Region Community Foundation 

RCS is the recipient of a grant from the Peter P. Bollinger Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

Bill Graham Memorial Foundation

RCS has also received a grant from the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation.

Toyota Tapestry - Grants for Science Teachers

RCS was awarded a science grant by Toyota Tapestry

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Examples for the Younger/Middle Program



Language Arts

Students share a book during choice

Students share a book during Choice.


Enjoying books with friends

Students have thousands of books to choose from and many opportunities to enjoy them with friends.


Activities aroun Chapter Books

Chapter books become inviting with activities such as keeping a picture dream journal in glass jars (as inspired by the BFG by Roald Dahl).




Science Experiments

Soap Bubbles

Science is very hands-on!


Soap Bubble Experiments

Here students are doing an experiment on bubbles. They were asked what types of shapes they think they can make in bubbles.

Their hypothesis was recorded, they drew a picture of what they noticed, wrote about what happened, and checked to see if their hypothesis was correct.


Spontaneous/Nature Study


Students found live grashopper

A student found a Leaf Insect and we kept it as a class pet for a day before it died.

Subsequently, there was a...


Grashopper HeadGrashopper Head Back

...dissection and ...


Gashopper Funeral

...a funeral.


Cooperative Games

Children walking on a beam

Cooperative games are an important component of Roseville Community School. Cooperative games engage students and challenge them to work together, such as in the picture above.

Students had to figure out how to arrange themselves from tallest to shortest without stepping off the edge.


Gardening Instruction

Students learn about a variety of fruits and vegetables and discuss what part of the plant we are eating (for example, is it the root, the stalk, a leaf, etc?).


Field Games

Field Games at RCS

Field games are cooperative games that involve gross motor skills. Here, the two younger classes pair up for the classic game of Duck, Duck, Goose.


Game of Fox chasing the chickens

In this game, the fox (on the left) just enticed his meal to come closer and closer until he was ready to hunt.

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