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Sacramento Region Community Foundation 

RCS is the recipient of a grant from the Peter P. Bollinger Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

Bill Graham Memorial Foundation

RCS has also received a grant from the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation.

Toyota Tapestry - Grants for Science Teachers

RCS was awarded a science grant by Toyota Tapestry

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RCS differs from traditional educational programs by recognizing and celebrating the differences in learning readiness that exist between all children, even those of the same age. The RCS teachers value differing learning styles and adapt the curriculum to the style and speed at which the students are capable of learning. The RCS classroom is a place where academic challenges are eagerly meet in an environment that is safe to take risks and grow. The RCS parents share a common philosophy about education and a willingness to be directly involved with their child’s school.


Multi-Age Classrooms

We see student interaction as an integral part of the learning process. Cross-age groupings stimulate children's thinking and cognitive growth. Students adopt older classmates as role models and later become models for younger children. The older children, as mentors, acquire additional mastery of learning in the process.

Parent Participation

Enrollment in Roseville Community School only begins parents' involvement in our partnership of learning. The primary role of the parent in the classroom is an observer, facilitator, and positive role model. Our parents and families share their many gifts with the class: reading and creating stories, gardening, binding class-made books, or sharing a love of hobbies or crafts. The school also depends on parents to help with a range of other volunteer jobs such as recycling, facility repair, computer maintenance, and purchasing supplies.

Frequently, the teachers make presentations to the parents on topics such as Writing Development, Emotional Intelligence, and Family Math as well as other areas relating to the child's school experience. Fundraising and special events are two other areas that need parent participation, not only for the success of the event, but also to build the bonds of the school community.

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